Upward Bound

Summer Program

Our Summer Program gives students a taste of the college experience. Participants will have the following opportunities:

  • Experience college life by living on campus. Each Upward Bound participant has one roommate and shares a bathroom with one other room (with two other Upward Bound participants). This provides a college-like environment for these participants prior to actually attending college full-tine.
  • Take 2-3 college courses. The course offerings vary each year, but the following courses will be offered every Summer: English 1010, Math 1010, 1040, 1050, Biology 1010/1015 (class and lab), Elementary Astronomy 1040/1045, Criminal Justice 1010, Political Science 1100, Humanities 1010, Human Development 1500, Fist Aid and Responding to Emergencies 1543, and Bowling 1145!
  • Gain cultural learning through our activities. Upward Bound offers all kinds of cultural enrichment activities each summer, including educational, social, and cultural enrichment activities and community service projects.
  • Get the help you need. Class progress is monitored and you will have access to academic advising, mentoring, and tutoring.
  • Be involved in committees. You will have leadership opportunities by being involved in committees that help accomplish the end of summer yearbook, video, student advisory committees (great leadership role for Seniors), and the end of Summer Final Banquet.
  • Go on a final trip. Upward Bound participants who receive a “C” grade or better in each of their courses get to go on a trip! Final trip destinations vary.